ICT Industry and Employment Research

In the U.S., Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is not a widely adopted term or industry and employment framework. Elsewhere in the world, and in organizations like the United Nations, European Union and World Bank, ICT is much more widely adopted.

In order to achieve MPICT’s mission of coordinating, improving and promoting ICT education in its region, we need to research and report on what ICT is in the MPICT region. Using the globally dominant ICT framework, what are ICT industries here and how big and important are they? What are ICT related jobs, and how big and important is ICT employment here? What specifically are the demands for ICT knowledge and skills in the workplace? What are ICT related educational program offerings? How well do ICT related educational program offerings and workplace demands line up? What are the gaps?

MPICT Regional Partner Truckee Meadows Community College has contributed an ICT Workforce Study for Nevada developed by the NSF NVITE project.

MPICT is currently pursuing these research questions for the State of California, as the largest State in the MPICT region, and the State with the largest and, generally, most developed ICT industries and workforce demands. MPICT is partnering in this California research with Centers of Excellence (COE), funded by the California Community Colleges State Chancellor’s office, Economic and Workforce Development program. The plan for this research involved three initial stages:

1. Phase 1 2009 ICT Environmental Scan: In May of 2009, this effort kicked off by engaging MPICT’s Advisory Panel, so this study would be informed by ICT industry and business. The Phase 1 Environmental scan effort was completed and released free of charge in September of 2009 on the COE website at www.coeccc.net/ict . It introduces the ICT term and framework, how ICT employment is spread far beyond ICT industries, and several broad, plain language categories of ICT employment. It set the stage for Phase 2.

2. Phase 2 2010 ICT Industry and Employment Outlook: In August of 2010, the Phase 2 was released. It maps existing industry NAICS codes to an ICT framework and provides secondary research on how big ICT industries are in California. It maps existing employment SOC codes to an ICT framework and provides secondary research on how big ICT employment is in California and what expectations for ICT employment growth are using existing U.S. and California employment data sources. It also presents primary research, in which over 600 California companies were surveyed about ICT and broad ICT workforce needs in their organizations. MPICT's complete version of this report is available for download here. A shorter COE version of the report is available for download here. It set the stage for Phase 3.

3. Phase 3 2011 Educational Program Input: In September of 2011, the Phase 3 study was released. It provides:

  • current labor market information from EMSI,

  • real time labor market information from Wanted.com and Monster.com,

  • detailed descriptions of ICT related standard occupations and their short term prospects,

  • preliminary findings from a study of ICT related program academic credentials at 48 of California’s community colleges,

  • structure and tools for improved communication between education and business and industry about ICT,

  • a consolidation of business and industry input from hundreds of conversations with employers and MPICT’s Advisory Panel, and

  • recommendations for additional work to better inform programs.

It also announced the creation of a California Community College (CCC) ICT Collaborative to address these and other issues in a more coordinated and comprehensive way across the 112 campus CCC system.

MPICT and California Community College Economic and Workforce Development Centers of Excellence have also collaborated on other related studies:

CCC Centers of Excellence ICT related research can be found at http://www.coeccc.net/ict/.