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National Science Foundation Advanced Technical Education (ATE) Centers - Boston-area Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC)



The Boston-area Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) has evolved from an NSF ATE Regional Center, like MPICT, to an NSF ATE National Center.  Its mission is to develop and promote a coordinated, self-sustaining, regional education and workforce development system for IT, one that will attract a diverse student population to IT careers, promote lifelong learning of IT skills and support the workforce needs of the region's IT companies and departments.


BATECís vision is to transform education to develop the new IT professional for the 21st century by: (1) providing curriculum adaptation and professional development to deliver relevant, standards based programs that are regionally connected, advanced in content and pedagogy and industry-linked; (2) attracting and advancing a diverse population of technology students who can effectively meet the challenges of emerging technologies and changing economies; and (3) connecting education, industry and community to promote mutually-beneficial partnerships that support career development, lifelong learning and regional economic growth.


Very similar to MPICT, BATEC has a strong 4 year plan, leadership team, Advisory Board, National Visiting Committee, and collection of educational partners.  BATECís Media Kit is an easy place to develop an overview of BATECís good work.  The BATEC partnership includes:  host institution University of Massachusetts Boston; 6 Community Colleges; 11 K-12 Districts; Business and Industry Leaders; Government and Community.


BATEC sponsors a variety of events and programs, including Tech Futures Forums, Summer Institutes, Fairs and Summits, Tech Careers Days, Mobile Boot Camps and Hi-Tec National Conference. It coordinates and promotes curriculum development in a coherent manner. It has produced some excellent publications, which are worth reviewing in our region, because they are relevant here also:


The "BATEC Information Technology Workforce Skills Study ", authored by MPICTís external evaluator, Peter Saflund, The Saflund Institute, is a year-long study that presents data on current and future IT workforce skills requirements gathered from IT workers, hiring managers, and strategic planners from companies such as Raytheon, Staples, Partners Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molecular, Whaleback Systems and many more.  The study focuses on technician and technologist jobs in IT and will help community colleges, 4-year universities, and secondary schools provide an adequate supply of properly skilled IT professionals to domestic and trans-national enterprises whose operations are increasingly IT-enabled and more IT-dependent.  This is a very high quality study that is completely relevant to MPICTís region also.  One of the findings of the study, which is consistent with MPICTís interactions with industry and business, and findings of the The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, is the importance of soft or employability skills.

BATECís "Community College Outreach Toolkit", by BATEC Outreach Director Jibril Solomon, is a manual designed to assist community colleges in their outreach planning efforts.  Again, this is excellent material very relevant to community college ICT educators in the MPICT region.

"The Gap Guide: A Resource for Educators Working with Industry"  was developed by BATEC Curriculum Director Joyce LaTulippe with the input of several of BATEC's partners in education and industry.  The guide outlines specific steps educators can take to partner with industry in their community.  Yet again, this is excellent material very relevant to community college ICT educators in the MPICT region.


For more information on BATEC, explore the website or contact BATEC Director, Deborah Boisvert at (617) 287-7295 or by email.


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