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ICT Educator Resources

ICT Educator Resources

It is a lot easier to do a good job teaching ICT knowledge and skills with adequate resources and assistance. There is a very real need for contributions to improving ICT education by business and industry. Schools need labs where students can gain real experiences with real ICT equipment doing real things. Programs need money to develop curriculum and improve other facilities. Teachers need teaching aids: videos, real world scenarios for student exercises, real world site visit opportunities, guest speakers, exposure to cool new technologies they do not yet teach.

Contributions donít have to be money. Participating in the business advisory group for an ICT related program makes a big difference and costs only your time and attention. Passing on used ICT equipment for student labs and workshops makes a big difference at little real cost. Internship, job shadowing, service learning and mentoring opportunities make an enormous difference in student success.

If you are a member of business and industry, and you want a high quality workforce that is efficient, productive and able to contribute to your technology enabled strategic successes, please consider putting some skin in the game to help make that happen in your communities.

On the other hand, opportunistically, many ICT faculty are not aware of a lot of wonderful resources and funding opportunities that already exist and are available to them. If we can put faculty together with existing resources, it is a real win-win. Here are some: