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ICT Education in Community Colleges

ICT Education in Community Colleges

Many people do not understand how extraordinarily diverse community college populations and missions are – or the incredibly complex, broad and important ways they meet America’s educational needs.

Community college ICT related programs serve:

  • high school students taking ICT college classes

  • high school graduates and non-graduates seeking entry-level ICT related job skills

  • high school graduates seeking affordable ways to get ICT related baccalaureate degrees

  • working professionals updating and improving their knowledge and skills

  • displaced workers seeking affordable new knowledge and skills to find new work

  • all kinds of people seeking basic user level ICT/digital literacy knowledge and skills

They serve students interested in many different sub-fields of ICT, including:

  • Computer hardware and engineering

  • Computer software and application development

  • Computer operating system and application support

  • Computer networking

  • Computer security

  • Database and Information Systems

  • Telecommunications

  • Internet and web services

  • Multimedia and entertainment

  • Wireless communications technologies

ICT related programs at community colleges have developed and evolved at different times, in different and sometimes multiple academic departments, with different names, with different emphases, informed by different sources of information or industry and business input. As a result, there are many differences between ICT related programs at community colleges. It can be difficult for a student interested in computer related stuff to find appropriate community college offerings. It can also be difficult for academia, business and industry to identify appropriate ICT related programs from outside the college. To assist with that, MPICT has developed information on ICT related programs at all community colleges in its region:

MPICT’s primary focus is on ICT education at community colleges in its region.