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ICT EducationInformation and Communications Technologies is becoming the global standard term for all computer, software and communications technology related fields. From a big picture perspective, which is important in developing policies or educational systems, it is useful to consider as one thing all of the closely interrelated, rapidly developing and converging fields related to computers, software, communications technologies and associated management practices.

In the U.S., ICT and its various sub-fields are called many different things, ICT educational departments have many different names and focuses, and there are important differences in ways ICT is taught, and in ways ICT degrees and certifications are packaged.

The Mid-Pacific ICT Center is primarily focused on ICT education in community colleges, but it is also engaged with the ways ICT is taught and presented to students in K-12 schools that feed students into community colleges and in 4-year colleges and universities where community colleges students go to continue their educational careers. MPICT endeavors to demystify often confusing ICT educational and career issues and to harmonize many ICT educational efforts and communications in its region.

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